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Reiki Master

  • Receive the full Reiki Master attunement
  • Learn the Master symbol
  • Learn how to attune others
  • Learn important secrets about Reiki
  • Receive the Reiki Master certificate

Sun 28 Apr 2024


Sun 23 June 2024

3 places available

Sun 25 Aug 2024

1 place available

* last courses: these will be the last courses given in the Netherlands don't wait to claim your place.

Price €297,-

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Incl. btw for private individuals. Excl. btw for companies.

The Reiki Master Attunement

The Reiki Master attunement takes your Reiki development even deeper and further. You will learn how to attune others to Reiki. During the course we will look at the whole Reiki trajectory of development so that you better understand what Reiki is and how it works helping you to deepen your autonomy and guide others.You will also learn about the 8th chakra. How you can activate it and it's role in the development of your spiritual autonomy.

Justin Peach

Meet the Reiki Master

Justin Peach has worked as a Reiki Master since 1998 and has trained more than 600 people to the level of Reiki Master. He also coaches other Reiki Masters with their practice and courses. Justin is a meditation teacher as well a facilitator of The Work by Byron Katie. Since 1999 he has experience with collective intelligence and uses it in his workshops to deepen the perception and understanding of Reiki. 

A very inspiring, educational and fun day. Interesting subjects passed by that relate not only to the healing process, but also how you live your life, thanks Justin.

Sjoeky Dreyer

I came in contact with Justin when I was searching the Internet for Reiki courses and found his beautiful site. I called Justin with some questions, and took my Reiki 1 attunement the same week. Justin is very open, clear and honest during the classes and attunement. During the class, there is ample time for questions and support. I have been magnetizing since my 7th and notice now with Reiki a strong new energy source has been opened for me. Soon after the first Reiki course I followed the Reiki 2 course by Justin with great pleasure. Soon I'm going to take the Reiki Master course. Justin thanks for the honest, open and beautiful moments.

Jan Schokker

I experienced the day of the Master attunement as very warm and safe. Justin gave a clear explanation of the attunement and what Reiki means in our time and Western civilisation. I think back on this day with much warmth. 

Janine van Osnabrugge

Reiki master has a opened anew perspective for me after following Reiki and  Reiki 2 with Justin . It was very enlightening and  another step in my development of Reiki.

Peter Steenhuis

Bonus! Learn the 'Fire Breath'

During this day you will also learn this seldom taught energy exercise which comes from the Toltec tradition. This powerful technique allows you to quickly build up chi and consciously bring it to your energy centers and internal organs, supporting your health and deepening your spiritual development.

 Location: Karunika Center, Meerhuizenplein 38, Amsterdam. Tel 06 1755 1517