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Reiki 1 course

  • Receive the Reiki 1 attunement
  • Open your energy channels
  • Learn how to give yourself a Reiki treatment
  • Learn how to treat others with Reiki
  • Receive the Reiki 1 certificate

Sun 7 April 2024


Sun 19 May 2024


Sat 15 June 2024


Sun 7 July 2024

1 place available

* last courses: these will be the last course given in the Netherlands don't wait to claim your place.

Price €149

Plus registration.
Incl. btw for private individuals. Excl. btw for companies.

Reiki is more than you might imagine . . .

Reiki is a powerful healing energy that everyone can learn to work with, whatever your previous experience may be. The Reiki energy both deeply relaxes and stimulates the body's self healing mechanism. The giver of Reiki also benefits from the energy as it flows through them to the receiver.

Reiki also stimulates our spiritual and personal development. The relaxed but alert postion we take when giving a Reiki treatment, coupled with the powerful life force energy flowing through us allows our awareness to be freed up and expand. This in turn allows us to awaken to more subtle energies and our capacity to be aware of our intuition increases. The more we work with the Reiki energy the deeper these changes go.

Download the Reiki Guide


  • What Reiki can do for you
  • What happens during a Reiki attunement
  • All about the 3 levels of Reiki
  • How to choose a Reiki Master
  • How much time should pass between levels

The 6 page Guide features the latest worldwide data about Reiki taken from Facebook

Justin Peach

Meet the Reiki Master

Justin Peach has worked as a Reiki Master since 1998 and has trained more than 500 people to the level of Reiki Master. He also coaches other Reiki Masters with their practice and courses. Justin is a meditation teacher as well a facilitator of The Work by Byron Katie. Since 1999 he has been working with collective intelligence and uses it in his workshops to deepen the perception and understanding of Reiki.

Thank you so much Justin for a wonderful experience! I'm so glad I followed my guidance and signed up for the course! Sunday evening I tried it on my daughter. She was very excited to be my "guinea pig". I put on some relaxing meditation music, lit some candles, and we started off with a short meditation, continuing on with the Reiki healing. She loved the experience (as did I), and she wants me to continue "practicing" on her. I've done Reiki on myself every evening, and have a bunch of friends that are eager to let me work on them. I'm already looking forward to signing up for the Reiki 2 course.

Nona Englund

A really insightful day full of reiki philosophy, hands-on practise and general good vibes. I was totally new to reiki, and absolutely loved it. Can't wait to complete my stage two!

Stephanie Wollenberg

Wise, enlightening, entertaining and inspiring. Any doubts or anxieties were quickly dispelled and the course really exceeded all expectations.

Andrew Clark

Great down-to-earth course, you won’t be the same after this course. I recommend it to everyone regardless of believes, background, occupation, etc.

Elena Neufeld

Justin is a wonderfully intuitive and authentic teacher. His way of connecting with and inspiring others is a true gift. He encourages our true genuine selves in a loving way while still addressing the ego. He taught us how to find and trust our own intuition in answering our own questions. In this way he empowered us to trust our own healing capabilities and helped us build the necessary confidence in using these abilities in a world that desperately needs healing. Thank you my friend!

Yanna Segeren

It's an incredible experience of connection to energy and love. I've felt completely relaxed and became more aware at the same time. I felt like after a restful sleep, but being fully present during the entire day... Justin is such a lovely person and he has a unique way of combining humour with professionalism. Really recommend 💓🙏 thank you!

Lelia Ceausu