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Justin Peach werkt sinds 1998 als Reiki Master in België en Nederland en heeft meer dan 500 mensen getraind tot het niveau van Reiki Master. Hij coacht andere Reiki Masters bij hun praktijk en cursussen. Justin is meditatieleraar en is tevens ook facilitator van The Work van Byron Katie.

Feb 09

Reiki and the Chakra system

By Lucy few | Uncategorized

The Reiki energy is a higher Cosmic energy. It comes in through the crown chakra, flows down to the heart, and then down the arms and out through energy centers in the hand palms.

The Chakra system (here I’m referring to the 7 major chakras from the root to the crown chakra) are part of a different energy flow but of course, everything is connected. This energy flow is part of what is called in Chi Gong the Microcosmic Orbit. Life energy flows up from the root Chakra along the back up the spine to the crown chakra and then down the front and along the major energy reservoir, the lower Dan Tian.

I had been looking to understand the Chakra system for many years, but beyond the standard information that circulates about the colors, not much solid knowledge was available.

It was when I had a powerful energy awakening that the chakras and their role became clear. A huge buzzing energy that started in my feet and genitals started to make its way up my body. At each chakra point, I understood who I was at each level – it instantly made sense to me. I understood the chakra as well as distribution centers were energy transformation centers that upgraded and changed the energy as it rose upwards.

Now finally I am able to include this knowledge in my courses. In the Reiki 2 course I teach students what the chakras are and how to awaken to them, and I give practices to help with this.

Nov 19

5 Myths about Reiki Busted

By Lucy few | Uncategorized

Reiki has been developing a lot since it’s (re)discovery in Japan in 1922 and to do my part in brining it more fully into our Western Post-Modern culture there are a number of myths about Reiki that I would like to bust.

1. Reiki is just hocus-pocus

Okay, science does have a hard time with anything which isn’t tangible and can’t be measured by modern instruments but that’s not quite what I mean. What I would like to clarify is that when we start to work with Reiki we don’t have to suspend our critical thinking and just ‘believe’ in it.

When we work with Reiki we develop our capacity for subtle awareness. Something that we all possess and we start to become aware of different types of chi energy directly. Our intuition starts to deepen and we begin to use more than just our mind to gauge reality. Yes, there really is a world beyond the rational mind. But we don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater. We still want to be able to discriminate, as long as we are not cynical. And anyway, we develop the best in a spiritual sense when we keep both feet on the ground.

2. You need to have some kind of special gift to be able to work with Reiki

Untrue! Just as we can all learn to play a musical instrument we can all learn to work with energy and become aware of our energy bodies. The only prerequisites are interest and practice.

3. There are many different kinds of Reiki (and each is better than the other)

This trend is rather confusing for people. Tera-Mai Reiki, Rainbow Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, etc. I have worked for many years with Reiki and I have received Reiki from people from many different Reiki backgrounds and I can say with confidence: There is only one Reiki, it is the same energy. Some people choose to brand it differently but that’s all. The only thing that makes a difference is the clarity and transparency of the Reiki giver themselves.

Once you start studying the real history, you find that it’s a rather controversial topic

4. Reiki is part of the ‘New Age’ spiritual movement

Disclaimer: I must admit that for quite a while I found everything that had to do with New Age spirituality very interesting. From shamanism to rebirthing and crystals to crop circles. But New Age spirituality is just one of the many forms of spirituality and although Reiki during her path from Japan to the West has been well received by the New Age movement, it did not start there and it will not end there.

5. There is an ‘official’ form of Reiki

From a Japanese perspective Reiki does not even exist outside Japan. And from the perspective of some Western Reiki organisations it’s not Reiki that is being practiced elsewhere. But just as with Yoga, once you start studying the real history, you find that it’s a rather controversial topic on which people do not always agree. All I know for sure is that Reiki is still under development (and probably always will be) and it can be practiced in any culture anywhere on Earth.

I hope I don’t come across as being too critical or opinionated, but I think that everyone should know that Reiki can be a very powerful catalyst for the development of consciousness. It is a proven tool for spiritual development but the form its takes is less important that the ways in which it can help us.

Reiki attunement
Nov 16

What happens during a Reiki attunement?

By Lucy few | Uncategorized

Although I've been working for more than fifteen years as a Reiki Master, each time a student asks me how a Reiki attunement actually works, I look back at my own experience and I notice that my understanding is still developing.

At first, the process seems to be very mysterious, but we will see that there is more understanding available to us than we may first think if we investigate objectively. There are a number of factors that work together to ensure that a Reiki attunement has an understandable and lasting effect.Let us say firstly that an initiation liberates an inherent or natural potential we all have available to us. The following aspects converge to allow this potential to be realised. 

Resonance In English the Reiki initiation is most usually called an attunement. This term is a useful way to think about what is happening. In the same way that a vibrating guitar string struck close to another string causes it vibrate in sympathy, during an attunement the Reiki Master has a similar effect on the student. Lets look at a technical definition: ”Resonance occurs when the natural vibrational frequency of a body is greatly amplified by vibrations at the same frequency from another body”. The only nuance with an initiation is a Reiki Master tunes the student to the Reiki frequency.So far this is fairly logical, but if this was all there was to it then anyone who just stood beside a Reiki Master would automatically be attuned to Reiki, so more pieces are needed to complete this puzzle. 

Resonance occurs when the natural vibrational frequency of a body is greatly amplified by vibrations at the same frequency from another body

Intention We all know that intent determines everything and the more focus and energy behind the intention, the more can be achieved. During the attunement, it is the intention of the Reiki Master to tune the student to the Reiki energy. He or she creates a focused area in which the attunement takes place . This shared focus acts as a conductor and catalyst enabling a shift to occur.

A metaphor in consciousness and energy transfer That millions of people around the world are now initiated into Reiki means that there is a strong groove in our collective consciousness making Reiki more accessible to us all. During the attunement the Reiki Master brings the Reiki symbols into the aura at the same moment that the effect of the resonance is tuning the student to the Reiki frequency . This, combined with the intent of the Master and the expectations of the student, is what causes the alignment with the Reiki frequency.The experience of the student during the attunement is very varied. Most feel an expanded sense of self and deeper peace. The sensation of movement of chi energy at the energy centers, especially at the Crown chakra are commen. Directly after the attunement the student is able to channel and work with the Reiki energy.