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Feb 09

Reiki and the Chakra system

By Lucy few | Uncategorized

The Reiki energy is a higher Cosmic energy. It comes in through the crown chakra, flows down to the heart, and then down the arms and out through energy centers in the hand palms.

The Chakra system (here I’m referring to the 7 major chakras from the root to the crown chakra) are part of a different energy flow but of course, everything is connected. This energy flow is part of what is called in Chi Gong the Microcosmic Orbit. Life energy flows up from the root Chakra along the back up the spine to the crown chakra and then down the front and along the major energy reservoir, the lower Dan Tian.

I had been looking to understand the Chakra system for many years, but beyond the standard information that circulates about the colors, not much solid knowledge was available.

It was when I had a powerful energy awakening that the chakras and their role became clear. A huge buzzing energy that started in my feet and genitals started to make its way up my body. At each chakra point, I understood who I was at each level – it instantly made sense to me. I understood the chakra as well as distribution centers were energy transformation centers that upgraded and changed the energy as it rose upwards.

Now finally I am able to include this knowledge in my courses. In the Reiki 2 course I teach students what the chakras are and how to awaken to them, and I give practices to help with this.